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SEPCO stands for Sukkur electric power company. The main aim of SEPCO is to divide and distribute the power resources among the areas that come under its jurisdiction. The state government of Pakistan is taking many steps to modernize the power distributing authorities with the latest technology. To run the management of SEPCO smoothly, the government is incorporating an online system in the management department of SEPCO. This online system provides access to SEPCO online bills and SEPCO bill duplicates to its customers. That’s about SEPCO Duplicate Bill.

How To Get SEPCO Duplicate Bill?

SEPCO provides the service of viewing online bills to its customers. They can view the bill online and download it as well. SEPCO also dispatches the hard copy of the bill every month at the residential address of the customers, but they upload the online account a few days earlier than the dispatched bill. The online bill is easily accessible to everyone. 

If the customer is not at home, he does not need to worry about the bill payment, and he can easily access the duplicate bill despite the fact wherever he is and can pay the bill accordingly. The bill that people check online is the exact copy of the original bill, and that is why it is called a duplicate bill. To view the SEPCO online duplicate bill, the customer should have 14 digits reference number written on the bill copy.

SEPCO Bill Print

How To Find Reference Number On Electricity Bill ?

Now here comes the major issue. Most of the people who have been paying the bill manually do not know what a reference number is and how to find it. Well, you do not need to worry about that because we got you. The reference number is a 14 digit number present on the top of the bill, and the printing team mentions it under the bold heading of the reference number, so it is not tricky to find it anyways.

So now, as you know what a reference number is, let us discuss how we can check the SEPCO duplicate bill. Follow the given instructions to do so

  • Visit
  • Carefully read all the instructions
  • Select the option of duplicate bill
  • Enter the reference number
  • The SEPCO duplicate bill will appear on the screen
  • Proceed to check the bill.

To download the SEPCO duplicate bill follow the simple guide.

  • Select the option of preview
  • Select the three dots on the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on the option of download
  • Proceed to download the bill.

SEPCO Bill Calculator

SEPCO bill calculator is the tool available on different websites that helps the customer in calculating the bill. To use the SEPCO bill calculator, follow the given instructions

  • Visit
  • Read the information given on the homepage
  • Click on the SEPCO bill calculator
  • Select the type of connection
  • Select the type of phase
  • Enter the number of units consumed
  • Type the meter rent
  • Insert the services rent if any
  • Insert the exemptions
  • Click on the button to calculate
  • The tool will calculate your electricity bill

SEPCO Contact Number

In the case of any query, you can quickly contact the SEPCO via its contact number. The contact number of SEPCO is “071-9310797”.


We can affirm that customers’ access to the SEPCO duplicate bill is the biggest step towards good customer service. Bill payment and checking have become even more accessible. We hope the article about the SEPCO Duplicate bill helps you get a copy of your bill. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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