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SEPCO Bill Calculator – Online Bill Calculator [Updates]

Last Updated on March 21, 2023 by SEPCO

Now SEPCO consumers can easily calculate the SEPCO bill online, and it is not a difficult task. Many websites provide access to tools like SEPCO online bill calculator. To learn more about it and how to use it, let’s jump right into the article.

Guide to Use SEPCO Bill Calculator

To use the SEPCO bill calculator, we must know about these general terms related to the bill calculation. We have briefly discussed all the things that are required for SEPCO Bill Calculation. So let’s start with bill calculation.

  • In the SEPCO Bill Calculator add the required information.
  • Type company name (SEPCO)
  • Select the type of connection
  • Select the type of phase
  • Type number of consumed units.
  • Type the meter rent.
  • Insert the exemptions
  • Click on the button to calculate
  • The tool will calculate your electricity bill

Terms Used in SEPCO Bill Calculators

Type of Connection

The types of connections are

  • Tariff A1(03)  is domestic
  • Tariff A1(01) is domestic
  • The tariff A2(04) is commercial
  • The tariff A2c(06)T is commercial
  • The tariff B1(07) is industrial

Phase Type

The customer should know what type of phase connection he has applied for. There are two types of phase connections. 

Single-Phase Connection: In this type of connection, only one live wire provides the power to the whole house. People opt for this connection when the electricity consumption in their places is low. Single-phase connection carries the load of the refrigerator, ac, fans, and lights.

Second-Phase Connection: This type of connection in which three live wires provide electricity to the house. People usually opt for this connection when they are in the industrial, commercial, or agricultural sectors. The houses in the domestic sector with many appliances also apply for this type of connection.

Units Consumed

To calculate the SEPCO bills, the customer must know the number of units consumed. Moreover, he should know how many patterns he could insert in the number of units consumed.

KWH: It stands for Kilowatt Hour. 1KWH tells about the consumption of a thousand watts in an hour.

KVARH: It stands for Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive hours. A KVARH has a thousand volts ampere reactive hour.

MDI: It stands for Maximum Demand Indicator, and it stands for the maximum amount of power used during an average measure of time.

SEPCO Peak and Off-Peak Hours

The customer should know about the SEPCO peak hours. It is when the demand for electricity increases in an area, resulting in increasing the rate per unit of electricity. When the demand for electricity in an area falls, this fall in demand results in decreasing the rate per unit of electricity.

Meter Rent: The distributors provide the meters, and they own the meters. So if a customer is using a meter of a distributor, he has to pay a specific amount with the bill, and that amount is called meter rent and will go to the distributor.

Service Rent: Some customers have additional bills like service rent, and they should also add that amount while calculating the bill.

Arrears: If a customer did not pay any previous bill, his account would be considered in arrears. He has to pay all the last leftover bills to get away from this situation.

No. of TV Sets: A customer should know how many televisions he has in his home. There is a television license for each TV, and the customers need to pay for them separately with the bill. The amount per television is 35 rupees in the domestic sector and 60 rupees in the commercial sector.

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The customer should have information about the types of exemptions. He should know what types of exemptions are applicable to his SEPCO electricity bill. The different types of exemptions are

  • Availability of STRN
  • Sales Tax For Retailers Exempt
  • GST exempt
  • E-Tax exempt
  • IT exempt
  • ED exempt

Duty On Electricity: There is a specific amount that goes straight to the state government. That amount is known as duty. To calculate the bill, the customer must know the exact percentage of duty on his bill. For example:

  • It is 1.5% for industrial and 1.5% for domestic.
  • Similarly 2% on commercial and bulk each
  • In agricultural 1% of variable charges

General Sales Tax: It is the tax on goods and services, and it includes 17% of the gross amount.

Bank Charges: This is the amount that goes to the bank for their services. The minimum amount is Rs 8.

So as we now know about the basic terms in the bill calculation, let’s discuss the method to calculate the bill via the SEPCO bill calculator.

SEPCO Bill Calculator

Check Online SEPCO Bill

To check the SEPCO bill online, you should know your reference number. Moreover, you should have access to a smartphone or laptop and a good internet connection.

To check the online SEPCO bill, follow the given steps

  • On our website consumers need to add reference numbers.
  • After adding the reference number click on proceed button.
  • The SEPCO online bill will appear on the screen.

SEPCO Tariff Guide

Sepco unit price differs according to the sector. According to the general tariff of Pakistan, the unit rates in the domestic sector are given as

A-1 residential 
For sanctioned load less than 5kW 
Up to 50 unitsRs 3.95
First 100 unitsRs 7.74
101-200 unitsRs 10.06
201-300 unitsRs 12.15
For a sanctioned load of 5kW and above 
PeakRs 22.65
Off-peakRs 16.33


The Sepco bill calculator has made the task of calculating SEPCO bills very easy for a layperson. For a person who is not good at doing math or does not have enough time to calculate each bill, this tool is a blessing. If you have any confusion using the SEPCO bill calculator feel free to write in the comment section.

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