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SEPCO stands for Sukkur electric power company. The modification of HESCO led to the formation of SEPCO on 26 July 2010. SEPCO started to function on 16 august 2010 under the leading authority of WAPDA. Its primary function is to distribute power resources among all those areas that come under its jurisdiction. SEPCO Pakistan is also providing SEPCO online bill view and SEPCO online bill check services to its customers. The SEPCO introduced the SEPCO online bill services to provide better customer service to its customers. The areas which come under the jurisdiction of SEPCO Pakistan are:

  • Sukkur
  • Larkana
  • Dadu

The online system confuses many people. To understand the online bill checking and payment method, jump right into the article. 

Check Online SEPCO Bill

The SEPCO online billing system works in a very effective way. The regional office of SEPCO dispatches their monthly SEPCO bill at the residential address of the customer. However, the SEPCO online bill is available two to three days before sending the hard copy of the bill. To have the SEPCO online bill view, the customers must know their reference number. A reference number is a 14 digit number written on the top of the hard copy of the SEPCO electricity bill.

If the customer did not receive his hard copy, he could check the reference number from the previous copy of the bill. Secondly, all of these methods are online, which means that without an internet connection, nothing would happen. So to check the SEPCO bill online, the customers should have access to smartphones or laptops and a good internet connection.

To view SEPCO bills online, follow the given steps:

  • Visit our website
  • The website will require you to insert your reference number.
  • After Inserting your reference number hit enter.
  • The SEPCO online will appear on the screen.
  • Check Video On YouTube For Clear information 

SEPCO Duplicate Bill 

When a customer checks the SEPCO bill online, the bill that appears on the screen is a SEPCO duplicate bill. A SEPCO bill duplicate is the exact copy of the original bill that the SEPCO sends to your house. The SEPCO customers tend to collect all the hard copies of the previous electricity bill and keep them somewhere safe for the record. These records will come in handy if someone wants proof of the paid bills. If any of the bills are misplaced, it could create a problem for the customer.

No need to worry about that because now the customers can download the SEPCO duplicate bill on their devices. To download the SEPCO duplicate bill, follow the given steps

  • Visit our website and go to the SEPCO Duplicate bill page.
  • The website will require you to insert your reference number.
  • After Inserting your reference number hit enter.
  • The website will generate the SEPCO Duplicate Bill.

The website allows you not only to download the SPECO duplicate bill but also allows you to get the hard copy of the bill. It is important in many cases. Some scholarship programs, like EHSAAS Scholarship, demand the students to attach bills for the previous six months.

To print the SEPCO duplicate bill, follow the given steps:
  • Check the duplicate bill of SEPCO.
  • Click the option of the preview.
  • Click the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select the option of print.
  • Print out the duplicate bill.

SEPCO Online Bill

SEPCO Online Bill Payment

SEPCO online bill payment is an effortless task. There are many ways by which a person can pay the SEPCO bill online, and the online bill is paid through apps and websites. First of all, let’s talk about the apps that provide the service of bill payment online.

SEPCO Bill Calculator

People like to predetermine their electricity bills. Most of the time, the online SEPCO bill uploads first, and the original hard copy arrives later. People who are always cautious of their monthly budget always keep an eye on their meters to check how many units they have consumed, etc. To calculate the SEPCO bill, there is a simple formula. According to that formula, multiply the total number of consumed units by the rate of each unit. Then add all the taxes and additional charges to the result—the final answer is the electricity bill estimate.

Well, to aid people in this case, there are many tools available on billing websites. We have to fill in the required boxes or blanks, and that tool will calculate the bill. Such a tool is known as the SEPCO bill calculator.

SEPCO New Connection Method

It can be domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural, etc. This information is necessary because the price per unit depends upon the sector according to the general tariff in Pakistan. Generally, the cost per unit in the domestic sector is less than in the commercial sector.

Similarly, the price per unit in the commercial sector is less than in the industrial sector. The SEPCO bill calculator will calculate the bill while keeping the tariff rates under consideration. The types of connections are

  •  Tariff A1(03)  is domestic
  • Tariff A1(01) is domestic
  • The tariff A2(04) is commercial
  • The tariff A2c(06)T is commercial
  • The tariff B1(07) is industrial
  • The tariff B1(08) is industrial
  • Tariff B1b(09)T is industrial
  • The tariff B2a(10) is industrial
  • The tariff B2a(11) is industrial
  • The tariff B2b(12)t is industrial

SEPCO New Connection

Phase Type

The customer should know what type of phase connection he has applied for. There are two types of phase connections.

Single-phase connection: in this type of connection, only one live wire provides the power to the whole house. People opt for this connection when the electricity consumption in their places is low. Single-phase connection carries the load of the refrigerator, ac, fans, and lights.

Three-Phase Connection: This type of connection in which three live wires provide electricity to the house. People usually opt for this connection when they are in the industrial, commercial, or agricultural sectors. The houses in the domestic sector with many appliances also apply for this type of connection.

Unit Consumed

To calculate the SEPCO bills, the customer must know the number of units consumed. Moreover, he should know how many patterns he could insert in the number of units consumed.

KWH: It stands for Kilowatt Hour. 1KWH tells about the consumption of a thousand watts in an hour.

KVARH: It stands for Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive hours. A KVARH has a thousand volts ampere reactive hour.

MDI: It stands for Maximum Demand Indicator, and it stands for the maximum amount of power used during an average measure of time.

SEPCO Peak and Off-peak Hours

SEPCO Peak Hours: The customer should know about the SEPCO peak hours. It is the time when electricity becomes most expensive.

SEPCO Off-Peak Hours: The customer should have basic information about the SEPCO off-peak hours as well. It is the time when electricity becomes the least expensive.

Meter Rent: The distributors provide the meters, and they own the meters. So if a customer is using a meter of a distributor, he has to pay a specific amount with the bill, and that amount is called meter rent and will go to the distributor.

Service Rent: Some customers have additional bills like service rent, and they should also add that amount while calculating the bill.

Arrears: If a customer did not pay any previous bill, his account would be considered in arrears. He has to pay all the last leftover bills to get away from this situation.

Duty On Electricity: There is a specific amount that goes straight to the state government. That amount is known as duty. To calculate the bill, the customer must know the exact percentage of duty on his bill. For example.

  • It is 1.5% for industrial and 1.5% for domestic
  • Similarly 2% on commercial and bulk each
  • In agricultural 1% of variable charges

General Sales Tax: It is the tax on goods and services, and it includes 17% of the gross amount.

Bank Charges: It is the amount that goes to the bank for its services. The minimum amount is Rs 8.

SEPCO Bill Connection

The customer can apply for the new SEPCO connection online. All they need is to fill out the online application form and attach the required documents. To fill out the online application, follow the given instructions.

  • Visit
  • An application form will appear on the screen.
  • Fill out that application form.
  • Attach the required documents.
  • Send it to the address of SEPCO.
  • The regional office of SEPCO will provide a demand notice.
  • Pay the fee of demand notice.
  • The staff will come and install a new connection.

These are the basic steps to applying for a new connection. Let us get into the detail of the procedure.


The application for installing the new connection requires a person to be truthful about whatever he is writing. So make sure that you don’t leave any blank empty and provide truthful information. The information required in the application form is:

  • The name of the applicant
  • His CNIC number.
  • His phone number.
  • His father’s name, CNIC, and phone number.
  • Family detail.
  • Address.
  • The type of connection and connection phase
  • The neighbor’s address.
  • The signature of the witnesses.
  • The signature of the owner of power of attorney.

Required Documents

If a customer is applying for a new connection, some important documents must be attached to the application. Otherwise, the application won’t be accepted. The list of documents includes:

  • The registry of the house. The customer has to prove that he owns the property for which he aims to install a new connection.
  • The document shows that there was no installation of connection at that place before.  If it comes out that there was an installation of connection before at that place, then the applicant has to pay the residual bills or expenses of the previous connection.
  • If the customer is a tenant, he must show the document of no objection from his landlord. This step is necessary to make sure that the tenant is opting for a new connection while considering the consent of his landlord.
  • Attested document showing the agreement signature from the power of attorney
  • Attested CNIC copy of the applicant
  • Attested CNIC copies of two witnesses ( two copies each)
  • The electricity bill copy of the neighbor

These documents can be attached online with the application form and sent to the regional office of SEPCO via email.

To Do So, Follow The Given Steps.

  • Take a clear picture of each document
  • Open browsing tab
  • Search “picture to pdf converter.”
  • Open the tool
  • Upload the picture and convert it into a pdf
  • Download the pdf file, attach those pdf files with the online application and submit it

The SEPCO regional office will provide you with a tracking number and a demand notice on submitting the online application. To proceed further, follow the given steps:

  • Take the demand notice.
  • Pay the required fee via a banking app or through a state bank.
  • Take the paid receipt.
  • Either submit the receipt to the regional SEPCO official in person or send the pdf of the recipe to the SEPCO regional office.
  • Note the tracking number.
  • Search
  • Enter the tracking code.
  • Track the application to see the progress.

Generally, after the verification of documents, SEPCO starts working on the application of the customer. The price for the new connection is 3000 rupees.

SEPCO Complaint

SEPCO has a complaint cell in which the staff listens to the customers’ complaints and tries to help them out. The customers can contact them via the SEPCO complaint number, and the customers can also submit their SEPCO online complaints via email.

  • SEPCO’s main office complaint number is 071-9310917
  • The complaint number for Larkana is 074-7410051

The SEPCO complaint cell has a different department. Each department deals with different cases. There is a separate department where a person can report theft complaints. Similarly, the load shedding department deals with complaints regarding load shedding. The general complaint department manages general complaints like issues in bills etc.

SEPCO Unit Price

According to the general tariff of Pakistan, different prices are applied to the electricity units in different sectors. In the domestic sector, the SEPCO unit price is low than in the commercial sector. It is so because, in the domestic sector, most of the houses have a single-phase connection. Not much electricity is consumed. But in commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors, the SEPCO unit rates are different, higher than in the domestic sector. This is so because, in the domestic industry, electricity is used in a bulk amount.

The SEPCO unit price 2023 is given as

A-1 residential  
For sanctioned load less than 5kW  
Up to 50 units Rs 3.95
First 100 units Rs 7.74
101-200 units Rs 10.06
201-300 units Rs 12.15
For a sanctioned load of 5kW and above  
Peak Rs 22.65
Off-peak Rs 16.33

According to the SEPCO bill units rates 2023, SEPCO commercial unit rate is given as:

A-2 Commercial  
For sanctioned load less than 5kW Rs 19.95
For sanctioned load up to 5Kw and above  
Peak Rs 23.55
Off-peak Rs 17.58

SEPCO General Services Units Rates Are Given As:

A-3 General Services  
General services Rs 19.51

SEPCO Industrial Supply Units Rates Are Given As:

B- Industrial supply  
Up to 25 kW Rs 17.23
Exceeding 25-500kW Rs 16.73

SEPCO Load Shedding

Although Pakistan manufactures its energy, it still runs short of electricity at times. To cope with this situation, every power distributing company has fixed its hours for load shedding. Similarly, SEPCO also has a load shedding plan for Sukkur, Larkana, and Dadu. SEPCO also has a load shedding complaint cell, and people can also contact the regional complaint office in this case.

SEPCO Net Metering

Net metering is a new system introduced in Pakistan. This is one of the solar energy productions methods. Through this system, the customers can produce their energy.

Pakistan is a country with ample sunlight, and the state uses this sunlight to produce energy. Moreover, solar panels also play an essential role in converting solar energy to electricity—particular grids are required for this process. The solar panel provides the energy for the whole day, and the excess power is sold to the grid. In exchange, the customer receives accessible units of electricity.

To install the SEPCO net metering system, the following are the steps to follow:
  • Buy a solar panel. There are different solar panels in the market. The panel for domestic connection is different from the panel for the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Power consumption in each sector is kept under consideration while designing these solar panels.
  • The solar panels for the domestic sector are a bit small and low in power. But the solar panels for the industrial sector are huge and ultra-powerful.
  • The second step is to apply. Through that application, the customer takes permission from the regional headquarters of SEPCO to install a net metering system. Nepra has issued the guidelines for the net metering installation.
  • Installation of a new meter. The distributer installs the solar grid near the 3 phase connection wire. The distributor can help the customer, in this case, to choose the best meter and the grid.
  • After verifying the application, the SEPCO came to the customer’s house to see the whole solar panel system and the meter. Once they are completely satisfied, they sign a contract with the customer.
  • That contract is of a duration of 3 years which means the customer is independent for three years.
  • After three years, the customer needs to renew his contract.

SEPCO Net Metering Advantages

There are many advantages to a metering system. some of them are mentioned below:

  • Through this method, a customer can become independent. He does not need much electricity, and he can make his own electricity enough for his use. It also helps him to control the huge bills. The more solar energy he uses, the less will be his monthly electricity bill.
  • The customer can make many savings by opting for this system. This system is very budget-friendly, and one has to invest in this system only once. Afterward, he can enjoy the profit.
  • It is a method by which one can save power. The use of solar energy was already there in Pakistan for a long time. During the day, the solar panel is used to produce a tremendous amount of energy. As a result, people used that power, and the rest of the power got wasted. But such is not the case with net metering. You can use the energy produced during the day and, at the end of the day, sell the additional energy back to the grid. This way there is no wasted energy.
  • Through a net metering system, one can sell the energy to SEPCO and earn free units.

SEPCO Online Bill

Cost of Net Metering System

The cost of the net metering system is not the same all over Pakistan, and it is different for different sectors. The cost for a net metering system in the domestic sector is the lowest. If we talk about the domestic sector, the price of the meter remains the same. The customers from the domestic sector have to pay for the documentation and installation of the metering system. While commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors use a huge amount of power, their charges also alter accordingly.


The introduction of the SEPCO online bill system has helped a lot of customers. Now they don’t need to travel a long way to the bank, stand in the scorching heat of the sun, wait in long queues to pay the bill. They can do SEPCO online bill checks and pay SEPCO online bills just by the touch of their fingers.

SEPCO’s online bill payment method was never this easy. SEPCO online connection methods have made people’s lives even easier. Furthermore, people can directly put up the application and submit it. They can even track the progress in their home without stepping out of their comfort zone. The customer service of SEPCO is at its peak. All these factors add up and make SEPCO one of the best power distributing authorities.

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